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Fuses & Fuse Cutouts > Bussmann 70-100 Amp 600 Volt Fuse
Bussmann 70-100 Amp 600 Volt Fuse
Bussmann 70-100 Amp 600 Volt Fuse
Model: FRS-R-70 Through FRS-R-100
Manufacturer: Bussmann
Amperages 70-100. 600 VAC. Bussmann FRS‑R series fuses provide motor overload, ground fault and short‑circuit protection. When used in circuits subject to surge currents such as those caused by motors, transformers, and other inductive components, these fuses can be sized close to full‑load amperes to give maximum overcurrent protection. The grooved ring in the ferrule and the slot in the knife blade, when used in conjunction with special fuseholders designed to accept Class R fuses only, prevent accidental interchanging of any other fuse class.